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NEW RELEASE | Backstabber

here's to another (kind of) new song! those of who were/are members of my patreon (still on hiatus, sorry bout it) have already heard this song and might remember that i wasn't sure if i was ever gonna release it...but here it is! 

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NEW RELEASE | Cave of Wonders

woah! long time no see fam! i've missed you...have you missed me? hopefully the answer to that question is "yes!" because as of today i've got a new track out called "Cave of Wonders"

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OSITO @ RAW Boise presents: REFLECT

i’m back from my show with RAW Boise on January 27th! It was great to work with the RAW Artists team again and to see my family that lives out of state in Idaho, plus it didn’t hurt that this time around my gear played nice and I was able to complete my whole set! Also within the coming week I’ll putting up a recap video up on my YouTube, so if you’re not subscribed be sure to head on over there and do that so you can see it as soon as it’s up!

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