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Collection Agency Outsourcing Solutions

Collection Agency Outsourcing Solutions can help your business to recover your outstanding receivables faster and with less friction. If you need to put some professional 3rd party pressure on your debtors, we can help you find a licensed and bonded FDCPA and HIPAA compliant collection agency:
  • Compare Free Rate Quotes from Multiple Collection Agencies
  • Save Your Time & Let Collections Agencies Compete For Your Business
  • All Debt Collectors Are Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Compliant

Collection Agency Outsourcing Solutions

collectionagencyoutsourcingsolutions Collection Agency Outsourcing Solutions

Debt collection laws are complex, and often times businesses while collecting money do things that aren't that bad, but are illegal. Collection Agency Outsourcing Solutions can help reduce your liability in a complex and changing legal environment, that often favors people who are stealing products or services from you.

...Collection Agency Outsourcing Solutions:

Can also take the burden off your internal collections staff, so they can focus on current deliquencies, and skilled collectors can deal with the 'hardcore debtors' - those that have no intention of paying you for your work, and probaly never did.

Remember - collection agencies will be saying things about you and your business - your hard earned reputation can be at risk if you use the wrong debt collections agency.

Collection Agency Outsourcing Solutions

More and more companies are strategically employing value-based business process outsourcing (BPO) to minimize distractions and maximize performance. They’re discovering that critical but non-core business functions – functions such as receivables management – can save resources and increase revenues when outsourced to the proper debt collector.

Collection Agency Outsourcing Solutions can yield powerful benefits – cost savings of 20 to 50 percent can be achieved, along with reduced delinquencies and improved productivity and recovery performance. It's all about "Netback" (the standardized formula for measuring collection agency performance.). The right outsourcing partner can help your business set priorities and strategies for collecting from delinquent customers while carefully balancing collection results, the collection costs, and the need to preserve the customer or patient relationships. It can also help you with:

  • Accelerated cash flow
  • Lower operating costs
  • Reduced bad debt expense
  • Improved customer retention

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